How to finance the growth of a company?

Financing the growth of a company is very important in the first days for entrepreneurs or when a business starts to stagnate. In this article we will teach you the keys to obtain the financing of a company and also to obtain greater growth in the business .

Get financing for a new business idea.

Although this is a website related to quick loans or quick loans, we do not recommend starting a business idea by borrowing. We recommend starting a business idea with money that has been saved or acquired in some way, other than through a loan.

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However, in some cases you do not have enough money to set up a business idea and it is a new trend, or a new market niche that can not wait any longer, in that case, it might be advisable to finance a business idea

What to do if my business is stagnant?

Finance a growing business

Sometimes a business can stagnate. In general, a business that is stagnating, even if it is profiting, is not well regarded by some business techniques or certain cultures. However, while giving benefits, it is not to be alarmed either. In the event that the benefits are decreasing, it is important to make radical changes, especially in the subject of advertising or marketing . It is important to announce the business in new ways or make sure you are addressing the right audience.

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What types of alternatives do I have to ask for a loan at the bank?

Bank loans usually have interests or conditions more adapted to their clients. Although there are also online solutions with loans with bank certificates , which perhaps require fewer requirements than in some banking entities. These previous solutions are not the only ones, there are also more solutions, such as online financing of investors, with crowdlending or the financing of private equity companies.

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The growth of a company is closely related to the marketing plan that the company has and also to the business plan in general. If your company is stagnating, we recommend making a new business plan and in some cases, even finance the business idea . Always with responsibility and when it is really necessary.

Loans without payroll or endorsement only dni

You can already borrow without a payroll or a DNI only . If you are a person who is tired of being rejected by credit applications, from this website you can achieve the goal of getting a credit without payroll and without endorsement. From the higher categories.

But then I can get a credit without a payroll?

Yes, oddly enough, there are still companies that are willing to take the risks involved, to get customers who have been rejected by other financiers or by banks.

Do I just have to put my ID?

The DNI is one of the most important parts, since you can see if it is a scammer or a person with many debts. Although quick credits , are usually approved, even if that person is on the list of defaulters. So if you are morose or morose, you are in luck. Many times they ask you for information about the income that you receive in the bank account, to know if you are really collecting a payroll or some help on a regular basis.

How many fast credits with DNI can I request?

The normal thing is to ask for a single credit, but if you are going to have future income that can pay the debt, you can request mini loans, from different online financial.

When will I have to return it?

It is returned in the time that has been configured in the application form, in the case of quick credits of small amounts, usually have a cap of 30 days to return, although this also depends on the financial with which the request is made . If you are not delinquent or have an endorsement, you will surely find credits with your ID to return in several months or in several installments.

What happens if I do not return a quick credit without a payroll?

Maybe without a payroll you do not have a place to repossess yourself, but that debt will be increased and someday, you can collect that money in a judicial way, remove it from the payroll or even through attachments. That is why it is very important to ask for a credit with responsibility and being with the maximum security that your economy is capable of bearing that debt.

What are the alternatives to online loans?

  • List of alternatives : get money urgently .

With the previous link you can get money urgently , without having to carry the risk of getting into debt for a long time. At the start of this website you are lucky enough to compare several credits, you just have to enter the home page of our website and you will access a menu with which to access different financial services that use only the DNI.

Online funding is providing that consumers are already lucky enough to apply for loans without payroll or endorsement . These quick loans, are of small amounts , mostly. However, it is a great opportunity for those who have payroll or endorsement. Without a payroll, it is very difficult for a financier to be willing to finance a user; however, quick credits of small amounts are making this a reality.

Ways to send a DNI to the financial.

The verification of the DNI is not always necessary, since there are also other ways of verifying the identity. However, when required, it can be done in the following ways.

1.Photograph the document.

  • Use the camera : the cameras of the phones that are manufactured today, have enough technology to perform this function, since they have great resolutions.
  • Use a scanner : the best form, however, requires a greater loss of time.

2. Send the document.

The way to send it, usually varies greatly depending on the type of form being filled and also, from the device with which it is filled.

  • If you are with the mobile : the DNI can be photographed and attached, in the same form that is being filled out. (In most situations)
  • If you are with a computer : if you make the photo from your mobile, the most comfortable thing is to take the photo, send it to your email, download it and upload it to the form.
  • Some exceptions : Because this process has generated the loss of low-level clients in the use of computers, in some cases, the financial company provides you with a WhatsApp number or e-mail, where you can send your ID photo.

Mini credits without payroll, charging a pension.

This profile is one of the financial favorites. Retirees can also request an express loan , either to help the family, enjoy the money ahead of time, for whatever. Since in this type of financing it is not necessary to have to say so that the money will be used. This is very important, since many consumers do not like questions about their privacy. There are financial institutions that are limited to applying for loans, up to a certain age, such as 72 years of age.

Mini loans charging an unemployment help.

The unemployed who are receiving income support or help for having quoted and have the right to unemployment, are also very suitable profiles for some financial companies that offer loans of small amounts . This is because they are people who will be charging a safe amount of money and finance companies know, thanks to that security and earn points to get an approved loan.

Most online loans are without guarantee.

The majority of loans offered by finance companies for consumption are without guarantee. The only endorsement they use is the monthly income of the users who request them. For example, in the case of not returning the money, in the future they could seize the money from the bank account, in order to collect the loan that has not been cashed. However, most approved loans have a high percentage of money returned on time and as the forms were filled out.

Using loans without payroll, users who require money, they have the good fortune to make a request with which to access quick cash or urgent funding.

Loans for freelancers without payroll.

The self-employed also do not have a payroll and need to resort to alternative solutions on some occasions (not always) Some online financial for self-employed, require that the business activity has a specific time or have a certain income every three months. The self-employed can access the banking solutions that we give you below.

  • Financial services for self-employed workers : Financing for the self-employed .

Maybe you have endorsement and you do not know.

When a user searches for loans without endorsement, he repeatedly thinks that a guarantee is to have a house or a property, with which to guarantee the financing. This is not always the case, in certain services, a guarantee can also be a vehicle or a payroll.

Conditions of using the endorsement of a vehicle.

When you want to use a vehicle as a guarantee, in most companies, they will require that the vehicle, meets certain characteristics, the following characteristics are the most demanded:

  1. A vehicle with few years . Normally they must have been registered after a certain date, unless it is a classic vehicle, which each time has a higher cost. A vehicle of the 90s and without being classic, in most financial companies will not accept it as an endorsement. Sometimes large-displacement bikes can also be an endorsement, as can aquatic vehicles.
  2. That does not have a lot of kilometers . The companies that accept vehicles as collateral, usually demand that they do not exceed a series of kilometers, since a vehicle with many kilometers, hinders its sale and falls in the market.
  3. That works without needing repairs . The small details usually do not matter, however, in the case of major breakdowns or important components, are not accepted as collateral, the financial specialists in using cars as collateral .

Also, it is not advisable to pay for “studies of advisors / consultants” , without first receiving anything and even less, signing or delivering documents related to the deeds of a property when you do not want to use it as an endorsement .

The credits with the DNI for unemployed people.

If you are charging unemployment you also have access. Fast-earning financiers are giving money to people who are receiving monthly income, regardless of whether they are from unemployment, aid or a payroll, the important thing is to show that they have income.

  • More information : financing charging unemployment . Also information for those who are also receiving some help.

Can retirees also apply?

Retirees have a pension, which means that the financing of fast loans is also available for retirees. Although this is not always the case, since in very advanced ages, credit applications are not approved either. When it comes to a retiree, with a recent retirement, age is not usually a difficulty.

  1. Be less than 72 years old It is usually a demanded characteristic.
  2. Have a retirement that covers your expenses and the fee.
  3. Not be liquidating other debts.
  4. Enjoy an adequate record in financial terms.

Alternatives to payroll – According to income.

Some consumers are very worried , when they require financing and do not have a payroll, with which to ask for a loan. Especially when they need it, to continue working or to start a business , that offers them a job, based on their training, studies or specialties. These situations are repeated daily and that is why the mini loans are making the economies of certain areas, improve the business fabric. In these types of cases, there are some income that can be alternative to a payroll and provide financing.

  1. Collect some help from the state . It is possible that in the use of automatic approval forms, this is not accepted. In that case, we recommend that you use customer service or look for a physical finance, as you can find using our financial search engine .
  2. Have a relative with a payroll to take charge . We do not recommend this kind of thing, since you may have family problems. This is as a last option and in case of great urgency. For example, it would be advisable, with the family member’s permission, and in the case of having a really fixed job, such as a state official. Otherwise, we do not recommend it at all .
  3. Perform the search for a capitalist partner . That’s not easy and it’s only valid, for those who want the money to start a business. It is easier to find a capitalist partner in your circle of friends than through the most advanced techniques. Anyway, here is a link to know more about the topic : How to find an investment partner? Where we show you the places where to find them.

Alternative documents to the identity document.

If the client does not have his ID on hand or has lost it, he may be able to use other identity documents. This is due to the fact that they have the same function since they do not want to lose customers, in the event that the consumer does not have the document at that time. In this way, the following documents are also usually valid :

  1. Through the use of driver’s license card . It is a valid document. Not only when requesting a financial service, also when you want to buy a product, travel in certain means of transport or request a service.
  2. Through the use of the passport . It is also a valid document, since it identifies the identity of the owner.
  3. More information : Search financial opinions with the DNI .


We have talked about a great diversity of methods. Realistically , an individual who does not charge income and who has no possessions, at best, will find amounts with which to make small disbursements.

If what is sought is financing for the transaction of a residence or of a vehicle, it will always be necessary, that it has an income that offers the necessary security and required by any entity, company or private lender.

Loans for the purchase of used homes

The purchase of used homes is usually cheaper than buying new homes. We will talk about loans to buy used homes and we will also talk about ways to find the best bargains and ways to find a more secure and affordable financing.

How to find cheaper homes?

The Stock of the houses in Spain, continues being very great, since still it has a great stock, of the time of the real estate bubble. Banks have many homes owned and have special conditions for their customers, since they have created real estate banks , to liquidate all that stock that remains unused or purchased, even some homes have not been used. Use the following link and enter the list of the real estate of the most important banks .

  • See : real estate banks with cheap houses . Many of these homes have been seized, have been used and some have not been or furnished. Take advantage of the special interests and conditions of the financing offered by the bank.

How to find financing for a more profitable home?

Through loans used to buy used homes , better conditions can be achieved. An example would be that a bank sold a house that has in its real estate, in this case the bank would give greater opportunities to acquire it, for example by lowering the costs of paperwork, commissions or lower interest .

Even in some real estate banks, you can also get homes, without the need to give an entry. That means, that the buyer would not have to decapitalize or run out of money to allocate to any type of unforeseen.

  • Recommended : Requirements to mortgage a house . Recommended for all those seeking to know the minimum requirements that are required in banks and financial institutions in Spain , in the subject of mortgage applications for housing .


If you want to get used homes at a better price, we recommend that you inform yourself about the homes that banks still have in their stock and take advantage of the conditions they offer.

Credits for young entrepreneurs

If you are looking for credits for young entrepreneurs . You can see different financial solutions to start with your business project. With the following article you can see tricks to get credit and also the necessary information.

With the limited job offer for young people, many are starting to work on their own or start a business to create self-employment. Once the idea has finally been developed, it is sometimes necessary to obtain financing to undertake . Tips to get a credit :

Young entrepreneurs

Here are some of the ideas you can carry out to get financing for a small business.

  1. Financing for the material and tools : there is a very good way to get financing for young entrepreneurs, for example if you need to buy a product, go to large supermarkets where in many you finance the purchase right there and sometimes without interest. The downside is that some establishments require the last payroll or last month of unemployment.
  2. Financing for unforeseen expenses: quick loans are one of the best solutions for punctual payments. Many of them must be returned after one month, so they can not be used for long-term investment strategies. Although they do not always have this type of quotas, some quick loans for entrepreneurs can be paid in installments, depending on the type of financing used.
  3. Government aid for young entrepreneurs : the government has subsidies to finance different ventures.
  • More information! : government grants for entrepreneurs . With this link you can see a set of articles and links to find ways to take advantage of government aid to undertake with less money and more effective ways.

Other places where you can apply for loans for young entrepreneurs : online banking and finance are not the only method. Currently there are several types of financing for companies or for start- ups . There are companies that are dedicated to finding places to invest, such as financial risk capital companies . Where the business plan is exposed and decide to take a risk.

Another recommendable way to start a small business of new creation, can be to get together with colleagues or friends who are dedicated to that same professional branch or a similar professional branch, so that you can join the work of both and also the capital. If you look around you, you will see many businesses that have started that way.

  • Item of interest! : Loans for new companies .

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. With a loan, you may end up owing a lot of money and with a capitalist partner, you can end up with discussions or depending on it. Before choosing, it is important to evaluate what type of financing is best suited to the business idea and, if necessary, resort to advisory companies for entrepreneurs or financial advisory companies .

Many consultants, agencies and financiers are also responsible for processing everything necessary to get grants or government loans with better conditions.

If you still have not been clear, write the word “entrepreneurs” with the search engine we have on this website and you can have free access to dozens of articles that will help you to start, without having to register.


Sources of financing for a company

If you want to know what are the main sources of financing for a company , from here we will talk about them and also classify them by different types of sources of financing for a company .

Own financing sources.

What are your own funding sources?? They are the sources in which the capital is contributed by the same company, giving the right to have ownership of the company’s profits, with one of the main risks that if the business activity does not generate benefits, no remuneration can be obtained.

Some types of own financing sources;

  • External : social capital, subsidies, reserves. In the case of own financing comes from the state, they are non-repayable investments.
  • Internal : remnants, results. The financing based on results, tries to invest in a certain activity, in order to achieve a concrete result. The remainder is usually the initial balance of the company or also have the meaning of the benefit of the company.

Sources of external financing . What are the external financing sources?

The sources of external financing come from funds of companies or people that are not part of the company. For what they are done in exchange for certain commissions or interests.

We can classify foreign sources of financing in many ways, in this case we will classify them according to the type of term.

  • Sources of financing outside the medium and long term : bank loans, financial loans, Business Angels, leasing, renting and more types …

The Business Angels are capitalist investors who choose ideas to invest in, in the future to make a return on this investment.

The leasing and renting options are usually used by companies to have a machinery, product or vehicle, without having to make the purchase, so that they can be paid in installments or through a rental.

  • Foreign sources of financing in the short term : quick loans, making agreements with suppliers and factoring.

Company financing sources

One of the most used sources of short-term financing are fast loans , due to the speed at which transactions are carried out and the few conditions that the employer needs.

Funding sources that we have not indicated in this article .

We emphasize that in the types of previous financing, other types can be added, which are emerging in a novel way such as crowdfunding , other forms that are not indicated or forms that may arise in later dates to this article. So it is advisable to continue looking for information on the types of financing for companies .


LOANS for MOROSOS (Request)

Many people who need a loan for defaulters or loans for defaulters, find a big obstacle in their way, that their name appears in the list of Asnef or Rai. The most popular list is the ASNEF list.

Before starting to apply for a loan it is necessary to take into account the following points:

✔ The defaulters do not usually have interests as low as those you can find in the most popular and popular companies .

✔ You must read the contracts and terms of conditions well, before applying for a loan .

✔ It is necessary that you have an online bank account and know the account number .

see loans

You are not always on this list for large debts, sometimes you can be on that list, due to defaults of insignificant amounts, such as debts with telephone companies, companies that provide electricity or water supply. For all these people, new financing opportunities have been born.

Being on this list, many banks close their doors to a large number of applicants, so many people resort to request fast loans for defaulters , with quick credits, being small amounts of money, do not demand so many requirements, for what is possible to obtain a small amount of money, even if the applicant is in the asnef list or in any other list of defaulters.

If you want to request a loan for defaulters , but dealing with a very large amount, which is impossible being delinquent, it may be more appropriate to pay the previous debt or request the services of a specialized company to leave the list. Only in cases where there is a guarantee, the defaulters manage to access amounts higher than normal.

Money for defaulters

Photo of machine to count bills

Before completing a 100% application, it is necessary to read all the terms of the contract. If quick loans are paid on time, there are usually no problems , the problems appear when these credits are not paid on time, because the money that is owed is increasing. From this page we do not recommend asking for credits, to pay for others that have been requested in the past. If you are going to request money with a private lender, it is very important to review all the paperwork that is going to be signed and not to make oral agreements, since the oral agreements do not have any kind of justification in a trial.

  • Visit the following : credit cards for defaulters . Many users believe that being delinquent do not have the option of using cards to buy online or make any purchase at a store.

What if I’m not a defaulter?


Quick loans are not only designed for people who owe money and are on the list of defaulters, even the companies that provide them to the defaulters, are running too high a risk. Anyone can request a credit of these characteristics. If you are not on the asnef list, you may be able to access much larger amounts and with more extensive fees. If you need a considerable amount of money and do not have any endorsement, it is advisable to try to leave the list of defaulters. The lenders or financiers, prefer that their clients are not delinquent.

What are the advantages of asking for a loan for defaulters online?

The advantages of applying for financing online are quite a lot. Some of the advantages are the following:

The speed at which the user checks if he is admitted to receive financing is one of the greatest advantages.

Oral scams are avoided.

Since everything is written and contracts through web pages, it is impossible to reach oral agreements in which the lender can cheat you. Of course, not all private lenders are scams, but doing so through secure web pages saves that risk. If you do not want to put your home is irrigation, it is necessary that the loans are not of the “mortgage” type. It is very important that when requesting money for defaulters, you are sure to have sought opinions before about that company and to know the conditions of that financial company that offers money for defaulters .

  • Tips : How to avoid scams in quick credits? We teach you not to fall for the most frequent scams of scammers who take advantage of people who need money.

Requesting them without paperwork also has risks.

It is not necessary to fill out paperwork, since everything is done through the web. But the contacts that are accepted online, are valid and should be reviewed line by line , so as not to end up having misunderstandings with the company in which this determined amount of money is requested quickly. Sometimes you have to send photos of identity documents or scan certain documents, to confirm that the data entered is real.

Ask at any time of day.

And any day of the week: something that banks do not provide to their clients. The working hours of many workers, make the online or telephone services, increase considerably. Some online financials are not available on weekends.

  • Interested in: How to consult the list of defaulters? It is a very interesting manual, since it teaches you to see yourself in the list of defaulters and learn to consult in that list.

Have the requested amount in a few minutes.

In most cases the approval can be available in a few minutes or in a few hours. It also depends a lot on the time in which it is requested and the day on which the request is made. Some of the financial companies offer their services, even on Sundays. Regardless of whether it is a financing intended for defaulters .

Find opinions about the financial company you are going to use. If you still do not have enough security to make a request online, you can search for opinions to make a final decision. We have a special section to talk about the opinions of the most used financial today, if you want to see the opinions, we recommend you to access from this link, which also talks about loans for defaulters:

  • See opinions : online loans for defaulters and opinions .

As can be clearly seen, it is not an impediment to apply for a loan while in asnef, if it is through the internet and it is a small amount of money.

button (1)

With the green button that you have above, you can see one of the best loans with asnef that can be requested at this time.

Remember that at the top of this website, you can find different types of online loans. Usually you can get an approved application, being delinquent, although on certain dates is easier or more difficult, market conditions and the economy in general, are a very important factor in companies dedicated to the financing of individuals or entrepreneurs .

  • Undertaking with a loan : quick loans to start . A defaulter also has the luck to venture and start a business, with which to leave a bad economic situation.

You can also find more information about financing in our blog or follow us on social networks , where we usually update with different information for people who need credits or useful information for entrepreneurs , who want to create their own form of self-employment. As for example profitable business ideas with little investment or business ideas that have good economic output in the present and future. This is a good way to generate money to return the debts that have been in the future. Remember that you can not seize the money in the account, in case you are earning a minimum of stipulated money, which is supposed to be to “live decently”.

How many lists of defaulters are there?

Each country has its databases to identify the defaulters and to work together, so that they do not abuse the creditors or continue to live off the debts. In Spain the most important and most used lists by companies and public bodies are :

  1. ASNEF .
  2. RAI .

In other countries : in Argentina one of the most famous is “el Veraz”. In Chile : Dicom list.

How can I know if I’m on RAI?

Knowing if you are on this list of defaulters, is something more complicated. RAI is a list of legal entities, that is, most companies that owe more than € 300 to a self-employed person, in invoices or to the bank. If you search in Google, consult RAI you can see that there are companies that are especially dedicated to manage this query and leave RAI.

  • Apply Now : How to apply for a credit with RAI?

When there are so many reasons why a person can be in Asnef / RAI, it is possible that in some cases the credits for defaulters will be approved and in others they will not be, since it is not the same duty 400 € that you owe € 5000 per order many loans. Even so, it is possible that in the second example, you can also obtain financing for defaulters.

If you want to use credit cards for defaulters, you can see that we have made a compilation of banks and companies that allow you to make a card, being delinquent or with several outstanding debts. To access the list, use the highlighted information menu or the search engine.

Mortgage loans for defaulters .

We recommend legal advice for all those who want to ask for a much larger amount of money, as in the case of a mortgage, since the mortgages of private financiers are usually less advantageous.

Payroll loans are being offered from many financial sources, especially in recent months, thanks to the use of online financing , in which users, from anywhere in Spain, are lucky enough to have access to financing for defaulters.

Types of payroll and employment contracts.

The financiers that give money to defaulters, look for workers who are charging a payroll, making sure that it is a user with employment, they do not care that they are a defaulter, since they are in the conditions of returning the credit in the contract they have agreed with the user who requests the financing from the website or from the mobile application. The types of payroll most demanded by banks are those of an indefinite contract , while for online financial companies, it is enough for you to have a payroll.

  • Related : request a mini loan with the DNI . We indicate the steps to follow when making a request for a credit for online consumption.

The financiers with ASNEF value a payroll very much.

Payrolls are highly valued in all current financial services , all banks, all financial and all investment funds, they are interested in new users who have economic stability. A user who charges money every month is a safe client for them. Unlike other types of clients who do not have a similar income or who, in addition to being delinquent, do not work either,

If you are a delinquent, nothing happens.

If you are delinquent and you are working, nothing happens, you can even try to speak in a bank office or in a financial office, they will understand the reason for your debt. Not all unresolved debts have to be due to a non-payment, some debts are made due to bad management , scams or misunderstandings when requesting certain services in installments.

The existing alternatives.

The alternative that we offer to the defaulters who need a loan, are the requests for quick credits , with which in a matter of minutes a form has already been filled out and almost immediately, it is known if it is valid to receive the money or if it is a profile that is not accepted.

Warning with loans for defaulters.

Some mortgages are shown as personal loans , something that you have to make sure of, since many people who need to apply for a personal loan, get mortgage loans, without knowing that they may end up without housing.

Conclusion: if the banks do not give you a loan, do not despair, as the number of financial companies is increasing and the possibilities of requesting an online credit increase daily. Being delinquent, at present is not a problem, if they are amounts of money to pay or buy, services or products with costs that are not very high.

  • We also recommend the following : Financing for non-payroll defaulters . If you are also unemployed or working in black, you should go through that link.

Right now you are lucky to have solutions that are being approved to defaulters, in case you need a loan for defaulters, since from the beginning of, you have access to a number of companies that allow you to apply for a loan with ASNEF , with which with an online form in which filling in some very basic data and in a very short time, you know if you have been approved or denied.

Loans for defaulters without payroll and online.

Users who do not have a payroll, will have to repay the loan in some way and that means, they require a monthly profit or a customary income, with which they will make the payment of the fast loan installments without payroll . In the case of having a frequent income but not a payroll, the user who asks for the money, has to show them to the online finance company, where the request was made. If, for example, you have a trade, show the benefits of that business and if you are collecting aid, show that you are receiving government assistance on a monthly basis , the same with pensions or pensions. Since retirees without payroll are also accepted in online loan companies.

How to demonstrate income without payroll?

Some type of voucher or printed form of the activity in the bank account is required , such as the activity of the card or proof of money obtained in the bank. In business, the most normal thing is to show the reports that are made every three months and the reports that are made every year. If you are receiving a state aid , it is also printed on the income of the bank account or you may get a receipt at an office of the administration or bank. When demonstrating a bank deposit you can not steal the money from the account, since this would require the key to the online bank account and other types of identifications, such as security checks through sms.

Credits without endorsement for defaulters.

Not having an endorsement is an obstacle in the case of financials managed by lenders and a loan of a particular type. However, in online finance of small loans , the guarantees are usually not requested. In the event that they ask you to make a mortgage or housing deeds, we recommend that you look for other lower risk solutions, since it is not worth it to be left homeless for a few thousand euros. Be careful with usurers and companies that benefit from the needs of others.

What options does a debtor have when requesting a loan?

Defaulters have as their main alternative to bank loans, online loans. There are also other financial solutions so that a defaulter can get money, which are the pawns and also the urgent cash loans of the pawnshops , then we will give you a link with all the indispensable information about the cash credits.

We always talk about loans for defaulters, however we must also look at other ways to get money being delinquent and know the possibilities offered by the economy and a wide variety of services related to obtaining money expressly .

Get money by being delinquent.

Before we said that it was a very spoken form in and that we need to vary and talk about other forms, however, it is still one of the most popular and widely used forms in general. Many of the financing requests are made to unify debts and stop being delinquent. When you stop being delinquent you have access to services of greater amounts, such as in the case of mortgage applications to buy homes. When unifying debts, the greatest advantage that is obtained in the simplicity of having all the debts in a single amount paid monthly, without having all the payments divided into different installments.

The pawns for defaulters and sale of jewelry.

There are other techniques to get money immediately, such as selling objects / jewelry that are not as important as the expenses that are pending.

The pawnshops and the companies dedicated to the purchase sale of gold, jewels and other metals, are among one of the biggest competitions, which have the companies to offer fast loans or personal loans, even in the future many offer services very similar to those of banking and even with greater consumer confidence, since the average consumer has a very negative view of banking . The pawnshops are offering several types of cash loans in Spain and require less paperwork to perform any type of service, often offering money for defaulters .

Get rid of some valuable and electronic objects.

When we talk about selling things, we do not always have to think about jewels and memories that are very dear, since many of the jewels have a sentimental value, bigger than the material. Currently we are used to living with all kinds of electronic devices, when a few decades ago people lived in a similar way, without needing it.

Selling a dishwasher or a microwave would be much more responsible than not paying a debt that could even increase excessively or generate a new debt that generates legal expenses, such as not paying rent on a home and having to pay back the debt, plus legal expenses that entails. It is better to wash clothes by hand or not have other electronic amenities that many are accustomed to having a bad economy for many years.

Can I stop being a defaulter without having returned the debt?

One of the objectives of some defaulters is not to return large amounts of money and continue having a normal life, without the harassment of creditors and without the disadvantages of being. This is something almost impossible, although there are some exceptions that can be achieved or that have obtained some defaulters, which are :

A debt can not be registered in the file of defaulters, for more than 6 years.

  • That a judge cancels the debt : there are cases in which the judges have canceled the debt because they consider the debt as usury. Also that they have lowered the amount of this debt. However, this does not happen often.
  • That you demonstrate that the debt has been due to an error : some of what is on the defaulters list, they have not done it on purpose and all they want is not to pay something that they have not hired or that has nothing to do with them .
  • That the debt expires. A debt can not be on the list of defaulters more than 6 years .
  • A new life in another country : there are immigrants who, before the “real estate boom” asked for money and disappeared, now live in countries where they can not claim the money.
  • Be lucky that the lender or financial institution has not made the corresponding notifications and prescibe debt.

Exit the list of defaulters or find a definitive solution.

When it comes to money, the lifestyle of a person is at stake and very radical decisions can be made, such as living in another country for a time until having a much better economy or resorting to help to perform legal techniques to pay less debt, as for example in some cases, when a debt can be considered as usury.

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  • When leaving the list of defaulters, there are much more favorable conditions than those that are usually accessed by most people who appear on the list of bad payers. Since even many banks are interested in attracting new customers.

If you are a defaulter, you will know that the list we are talking about is the ASNEF list . Here are many of the debtors who have not paid on time or who have not wanted to pay certain bills, although many times, they are right and unjust debts .

Loans of La Caixa – Information and opinions

La Caixa is a bank of good reputation and with financial services to different types of clients, such as personal loans for individuals, loans for companies, student loans … In this section we will talk about the loans that are available in this bank and also about Some opinions that we have found on the internet.

Personal loans of La Caixa.

La Caixa has personal loans of up to € 60,000 . The personal loan of La Caixa, can be returned up to 6 years. One of the biggest advantages of this personal loan called ” Family Loan ” is that before applying or even without having the necessary conditions, you can calculate how the installments would be and know the interests, thanks to a loan simulator. Using the loan simulator, you indicate the amount you wish to request and the installments in which you wish to pay it, so that they indicate the amount of each installment and the total interest to be paid.

Credit cards of la Caixa.

La Caixa has many cards for its clients, however, we can highlight the most used or most important, which are the following: Visa & Go , Visa Classic Card and Visa Business Credit card . The Visa & Go card , has a free maintenance during the first year, if you make the request through the online system. If you invoice more than € 600 per year, maintenance fees are free. The Visa Classic card is a basic card, in which you can request a credit line and postpone the payments of the card in a more comfortable way. The Visa Business card has the advantage of having a 2% discount on fuel at certain stations and if you spend more than € 2,000 per year, the maintenance fee will be free.

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Loans for La Caixa companies.

The self-employed and entrepreneurs can make a business account in La Caixa , in this account they will have financing and credit services, such as being able to collect invoices in advance, thanks to the financing of La Caixa and also having Renting / Leasing services , with which to have services and tools, without having to make large purchases, through a service similar to that of a “rent”. For example, if a self-employed person needs a van and does not want to buy it, he can use the monthly service to have one. From the La Caixa Business Card we have already talked about in the previous section, the most important thing about the card is that if you spend more than € 2,000, the maintenance is free.

Renting for La Caixa companies.

By means of the Renting for business of La Caixa you can have vehicles with monthly installments, in which you do not have to take charge of the maintenance of the vehicle or other expenses that a vehicle entails, only paying a monthly fee, for example with € 270 to the month, you can drive a Mini and with 279 a large van. The renting is also available to enjoy computer services, for example with € 127 per month, you can have an iPhone X and a macbook pro. All payments for renting services can be set as an expense to pay less IRPF .

Opinions of the bank of La Caixa.

loans from la caixa

The bank of La Caixa is one of the most stable and with the best opinions in Spain. While some of the larger banks have a very low reputation, La Caixa remains committed to offering a service without deception, advantages for young people and special treatment for companies. Also in Internet forums, we have read that many officials request funding at La Caixa , due to their low interests and great transparency when negotiating.

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Not everyone is lucky enough to meet the requirements to apply for a loan at La Caixa , however, at one of the banks with the best opinions and has very attractive renting services for companies.


Loans to buy car while at ASNEF

The loans to buy a car while in ASNEF are not usually easy to obtain, however, the profile of the buyer has a great influence on the probability of the loan being approved.

How to finance a car with ASNEF?

One of the best advice would be to return the previous debt and get out of ASNEF , also hire a lawyer or company, which is dedicated to removing people from the list of ASNEF. Once you have left the list of defaulters, the doors to ask for credits open. If you are on the list of defaulters, for an unfair reason, the most advisable is to request the services of a company that is dedicated to removing people from ASNEF.

When it comes to a negligible debt, such as € 100, there will be banks that are willing to finance the purchase of the car and also dealers who will not care about that debt.

I have monthly income but I am in ASNEF. Can I finance a car?

If you have a payroll, there will be financial very interested in financing the purchase of your car. However, it is possible that these financiers have higher interest rates than the concessionaire or bank loans . That does not mean that you can not find financial companies with the same or even smaller interests.

  • Financial Search : Financial List with ASNEF . Ordered by city / province.

What if I want to buy a cheap second-hand car?

If what you need is to buy a cheap car, you can request quick credits , without payroll and being in ASNEF . Since to request small amounts, there are usually no impediments by requirements, you just have to find the right financial. From the homepage of this website, you can see quick loans with ASNEF and without payroll.

Can I buy a car if I am a defaulter?

Yes, of course you can buy a car being delinquent , however when it comes to financing it, you can have problems. If the debt is small, by an insurance or telephone company, it is possible that you can get the financing of the car, being delinquent and without problems, otherwise, with large debts, you may have to access external financing to that of the car dealership or a much smaller amount of money.

Solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Loans for cars being in asnef


The self-employed can resort to other ways of financing a car with ASNEF, such as renting cars for SMEs or leasing , so they can pay the rent of a vehicle, with the possibility of being able to buy the vehicle in the last installment .

  • Finance cars for companies : Leasing for cars .

When buying a car for a business or a company, you can avoid expenses if you put the car in the name of the company, as deductions in the VAT, depending on the type of activity that is given to the vehicle or include it as an expense of the company .


To buy very cheap and second-hand cars, just ask for a quick credit without requirements, however, to buy new cars or with a considerable price, it is advisable to leave the list or resort to private equity financial companies.

Loans with Paypal

Loans with PayPal, are a type of loan that are not used regularly and that are not mostly regulated. On this page we will tell you about the options you have, when you want to request a loan with PayPal.

  • Link a bank account with Paypal: this is one of the most recommended options. This option tries to link a PayPal account with a bank account, so that when a loan is requested in the bank or in an online financial institution, to use the money from the bank account or the credit card, from the PayPal account. It is the most recommendable way, because the following forms in the majority of occasions are not done in a controlled manner.

Other alternatives to the previous form.

Loans in online forums : Some online forums offer quick loans with PayPal , but most are not regulated. They are usually online business forums. To be able to ask for one, it is probably necessary to have a certain reputation within the forum, such as a certain number of messages or business conducted with other users. If you can show that you have a job or that you are working somewhere, it will be much better, to gain the trust of the users.

Private lenders with Paypal: another option that can be found, is in negotiations with a private lender or a particular lender, indicate that money is entered digitally through the PayPal payment platform. Always under the approval of an official and notifying the government agencies, which correspond.

Return loans with PayPal.

Financing to be returned with PayPal (Creditea) : there is a financial institution that gives loans and they are deposited in bank accounts, but they have the possibility of being returned through paypal, something that we find very interesting and novel. Since they are the first financing services with Paypal in Spain. More information : Financing with Creditea . This company is giving financing in amounts of up to € 3,000. This option is very good for all those who work in Freelance jobs or who have money in Paypal, which they were not using.

What user profile requests credits with loans with Paypal?

As we have explained before, the typical profile of the user of credits with Paypal is that of people who want to do business through the Internet. As for example online sellers or investors in online businesses .

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With the previous linked article, you can see several ways to set up your own business online and start earning money autonomously.

What options are similar to financing with PayPal?

When looking for money that comes from individuals, the most common is to look for group investors , who use group financing platforms. A user registers on the web where the investors are and from that website, the user receives money from investors, in exchange for a certain interest, for example 11%.

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  • Advantages of group financing : being money that comes from private hands, they are creditors who take a greater risk and seek benefits greater than those obtained in the funds managed by the bank.
  • Alternatives with which they can not seize : many people who want to apply for a credit with PayPal, do so because they are afraid of having their bank account seized . There are online banking platforms, in which the accounts are in other countries and can not be embargoed, as in the case of ViaBuy or Weststeincard.

Crosslend reviews – Financing between individuals

We have looked for Crosslend opinions and also information about the service they offer. Crosslend is a platform for quick loans between individuals , so you can participate as a quick loan applicant or as an investor in financing for individuals.

Crosslend reviews that we have found in forums and other web pages.

The users of Crosslend’s crowdlending platform are satisfied with the service they offer, since they find a transparent and serious company. They are also very happy, with the possibility of asking for a quick loan, but which also has many quotas, so they get the advantage of bank financing on the one hand and the advantage of needing fewer requirements, with the financing of private capital , for other part.

In which countries is this platform available?

It is a crowdlending platform or financing between individuals, which is operational in countries such as Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It would not be surprising if, in a few years, it were also operative in other countries in the rest of the world.

What are the advantages of this financing platform?

Currently you can get to request amounts of up to € 30,000, an option that few online financial have available. The fees can be up to 60. The fees and amounts may vary according to the dates and promotions. If you have a demonstrable income, you could even get money, having other debts of the past unresolved.

Is it the only platform with these characteristics?

Regarding the amounts that can be ordered, it is one of the few that exist, but the technology used by this platform is very similar to that of other p2p or crowdlending loan sites. If you want to see more platforms of this type, you can see them with the following link.

  • List of crowdlending platforms : Crowdlending platforms or financing between individuals .

The option to participate as an investor.

Crosslend reviews


Not only can you participate as a funding applicant, but also as a private lender . One of the most interesting options offered by Crosslend to its investors is the ability to be a lender of different financial products , which are arranged according to risk. In this way the investor can give loans to people with collateral, income etc … running little risk or also to individuals with fewer resources, but with higher returns.


We can see how the financing of private capital is more, thanks to the connection that the internet offers to many investors around the world. Something that is already beginning to worry the big banks , because in some countries, the financing of private capital is reaching levels of 50% of the loans that are made.