Diputación de Valladolid presents its "more social" budget with an increase of 7.16% of funds in social policies

Presentation of the Budgets of the Diputación for 2018 EUROPA PRESS

Presentation of the Budgets of the Diputaci&oacute;n for 2018 <span class="author">EUROPA PRESS</span>

The Diputación de Valladolid presented its “more social” budget project on Monday with an increase of 7.16 percent of the funds allocated to social policies, which represents 46.81 percent of the total, that is, 49, 9 of the 106.7 million that make up the provincial accounts, which grow by 1.03 percent.

This has been stressed by the president of the provincial institution, Jesus Julio Carnero, who has indicated the forecast to reduce the debt to place it at December 31, 2018 at 19.95 million euros, with a debt ratio of 21.17 per percent, compared to 26.14 last year, the lowest of the last 30 years, despite the fact that a credit operation worth 5.8 million is contemplated to finance investments.

In terms of employment, 8.3 million will be allocated. Among the new features are the implementation of the Youth Employment Plan 2017-2018, an initiative to be allocated, together and with European funding, a total of 1.8 million euros.


Along with this, stand out the direct support measures, among which are

Along with this, stand out the direct support measures, among which are

the aid to young entrepreneurs in the financing of the RETA fees for 6 months, once the bonus period granted by the Government of Spain (50,000 euros) has been exhausted; the implementation of the Reinvéntate Program, to support those young people who have seen a project truncated and to encourage them to start again, by rewarding them with the RETA fees for 6 months (20,000 euros), or supporting young people in the assumption of business on the move through the Transfer Program in collaboration with the CVE (60,000 euros).

There will also be support for technological initiatives to support other entrepreneurs (60,000 euros) and direct aids to the hiring of young people under 30 years of age included in the youth guarantee, with a supplementary aid of 500 euros in aid for employment, for each young person hired. full time and a minimum period of twelve months, supplementary help also received by new young entrepreneurs (20,000 euros).

Also in this area, the Young Province of Valladolid Project will be developed, financed with European funds (314,510 euros) that seeks to reinforce the employability and professional competence of young people not employed and not integrated into the education and training systems, as well as the launching of three new Mixed Training and Employment Programs (227,270 euros) to train 32 unemployed people in the fields of social care, forest resources and green areas.

All this while maintaining the lines of collaboration in the Rural Women’s Employment Plan, as well as the lines of support for

people with different abilities (50,000 euros) and the long-term unemployed over 50 years (40,000 euros).

Likewise, the commitment for the implementation of the Minimum Rural Trade (30,000 euros) is maintained, with the aim of enabling the opening of at least three new establishments that improve the service to the residents of our towns and collaborate in the dissemination of Foodstuffs. Valladolid.


The Provincial Council will allocate 5.4 million euros for the Provincial Tourism Strategy and the development of the Tourism Marketing Plan. Among the new features is the commitment to promotion, improvement of equipment and support for entities that collaborate in the development of the different Ways to Santiago in the province of Valladolid (56,000 euros), the collaboration with the Toro Wine Route Association to advance its certification (10,000 euros) which adds to the 60,000 euros we allocate to the Rueda and Cigales Wine Routes (30,000 euros each), and the strengthening of the commitment to sports tourism, collaborating mexican insurance companies in the Conference of Sports Tourism of the UNWTO to be held in Valladolid in February 2018 or implementing the project ‘En bici por los olivos’ , a circuit of cycle routes through the different olive groves of the province in which sports tourism promotion, cc cleaning and agri-food promotion come together.

Precisely in this area, the brand ‘Alimentos de Valladolid. At everyone’s pleasure ‘has a significant budget increase to reach 235,000 euros in order to launch new promotion actions at sectorial fairs and gastronomic events, actions to position the brand at national level and training activities and advice for the companies adhered to the brand.

It will also create a new line of aid to promote the creation of communities of users of groundwater (30,000 euros), the increase in aid for soil analysis (30,000 euros) or support for the protection of leek cultivation in the province (4,500 euros).

To fight against situations of social exclusion, 958,789 euros will be allocated, with an increase of 6.69 percent compared to this year. As a novelty, a new line of aid for the adoption of energy efficiency measures in vulnerable households (200,000 euros) is launched, while others are maintained such as social emergency aid (210,000 euros), child feeding (35,000 euros) ), for the purchase of didactic material (22,500 euros), for university students (55,000 euros) and support for pregnant women (30,000 euros) and single-parent families (20,000 euros).

The agreement with the Food Bank (70,000 euros) is also increased and the agreements with Cáritas (60,000 euros) and the Red Cross (60,000 euros) are maintained. In addition, the budget for the Integrated Services Network for Persons with Disabilities is improved, reaching 1,611,616 euros (+ 0.51%). The construction of the new protected dwelling in Nava del Rey (160,000 euros) stands out with the, as well as continuing with the renewal of the transport fleet that serves the Network (42.5000 euros)

In the accounts of 2018, the Provincial Council reinforces the service of home help, which reaches the figure of 6,550,000 euros, with a growth of 28.43 percent. Likewise, the cost of the Telecare service is adjusted (140,000 euros) and the technical aids for the functional adaptation of the home (150,000 euros) are maintained. Along with this, a physiotherapy service will be launched in collaboration with Aspaym, for the prevention of dependence (20,000 euros).


The policies of support for the emancipation of young people will be endowed with 230,000 euros, while in culture it will affect training in new technologies with the launch of a mobile classroom (30,000 euros).

In sports the contributions to the School Games (321.500 euros) and Active Summer (35.000 euros) are maintained and the amount allocated to the Provincial Championships (107.980) is slightly increased. On the other hand, the Development Cooperation Program will have 506,454 euros.

For the support to town councils 35,444,576 million euros will be allocated, representing an increase of 1.33 percent, with an increase in the Municipal Employment Plan, which reaches 1,669,174 euros.

These grants are complemented by the Municipal Credit Fund (1.28 million euros) and the advances of REVAL (27.24 million euros). Also, 10,166,000 euros will be allocated to the call for Provincial Plans, which will be they reconfigure on a biennial basis.

Finally, Carnero explained that the accounts contemplate a game of 200,000 euros for the Meseta Sport project, whose bulk is expected to be financed from the remainder of the 2017 Budget, on which the County Council expects to reach a 90 percent execution at the end of the exercise.