Home Loan Banking 2019: opinions of current accounts and mortgages online

We told you about Bank , a bank based in the territory that was born from local credit institutes from 1860. In 2007, it became part of Grupo Crédit Agricole followed by FirulAndria and Carispezia. Important and significant and impose on the territory and the local economy, Bank, in fact, proposes to create a new banking group that is open to the ecosystem in which the bank operates and the development and continuous improvement. The group offers so many banking products, but this part of the ordinary account , online loan and home banking . Additionally we will analyze the opinions and comments to know what the customers think about it.

Bank mutui online and home banking: just a click

If you know the search for online loans , I advise you to take a look at the web site of Bank. The banking group now offers three different types of mortgage to give you a choice and be able to select the best option for you: Great Mortgage ensures you a variable rate spread from 1.15% and protection forever a minimum tasso from 2.55%. In addition, there is the possibility of skipping a rate every year at no additional cost and suspending the rate at a maximum of 12 months.


Bank allows you to choose the most suitable type of tile, you can suspend the payment of the share capital or can vary the duration of the abortion piano. You can choose between a fixed and variable size, the mutual one must have a minimum duration of 5 years and a maximum of 30. Also, there is the possibility to subscribe to the Financial Financing, a series of insurance guarantees to be protected in case of undesired events that may result from damaging You can finance it and then combine mutual funds with the guarantee of the first home. The third and last mutual you can select and the Big Mutual Change Dial with which, then, I will pass from one piece to another all the way back to you, you can change your piano every other year and even if it changes, then you can keep the same spread at no additional cost. Bank will invest you in a communication to know how you can change the cost for aggiornato rimanere.

With the internet banking service of the banking group of which I speak today we welcome all the comfort of home banking : your home banking. By activating the service, you will receive all the information 24 hours after your 24-month effective serving, online bonuses, receive a credit or debit card and activate the alert alert services to send messages to your agent in the subsidiary. With App Nowbanking for smartphone and tablet, you can read more than 60 functionality and informative functionality while with Nowpay potrai I will inviare and receive fine € 100 to friends and relatives via cellular. Bank assures personalized assistance thanks to telephone banking with which you can keep track of the cartoon.

cariparma home banking

Bank current story: everything that you need to know

Even in the current account, Bank offers so many options to choose from, so that you are a shopper in search of a way to accredit the same, a college student or a pensioner who will pay your own pension. Parterre con l’Conte di Base, very simple and useful to access banking services for which there is no current story, the monthly canon and cost € 3.90, you can receive a letter of credit or debit, credit or repayments, I will invoke bonuses and pay utensils. I learn an Adesso Tale between Luglio, accrediting a stipend or pension or just € 3,000, if you can use an Amazon money of € 150, it is not expected a cost of fees or aggregate costs if you take all the operations online. The Most Provided Account allows you to make an unlimited number of versions, pre-requisites, credits, payments and appointments for only € 5.70 quarterly.


The Bank is a new type of story with a monthly fee of € 4.9 that allows you to incur costs for personal loans, legal damages Crédit Agricole Assicuracions, preventative products to complement Crédit Agricole Vita, plans to accumulate your Funds and SICAV (PAC) of € 1 each and every time you guarantee an unlimited number of registrations. Even the Family Tale allows you to make an unlimited number of registrations, or you can receive a free credit card or credit with a custodian and manage securities. It turns out I am a young man who tells a story, you can choose between: VYP Tale 13-17 years with no monthly canon, 0.30% tasso of giacenze, unlimited number of movements, debit card with free canon and free preludes; VYP Story 18-28 with just € 2.50 per month you guarantee unlimited registration, free credit card and free prepaid card; Tale VYP Università for students between 18 and 28 years old at canon zero, unlimited registration number and free entry fee. The options, because of its innumerable sleep, only have to choose the one that best suits your requirements and your economic profile, my advice and not be attentive to gifts, offers or promotions but also choose the most convenient story for you and for your risk

Bank reviews and customer comments

I sought the opinions and comments of customers Bank and I found many and conflicting, that there is incredibly pleased with the service and the variety of accounts and loans that can be opened, and that is dissatisfied (essentially for behavior some operators in its physical assets). Quello always advises you and carefully read all the fascinations and inform you about everything you need to know before opening a story or turn on a mutual one. The green number and at your disposal for any doubt the question I will not be asking if you would know more about some non-chiaro aspects.

Whoever plays a little video to learn more about Conte Adesso. You can see other video from the youtube channel of Bank to find out more about the banking group.

I took advantage of the banking group of Bank and its services for home banking , every current story type and online training at your disposal. The opinions are very mixed so it is difficult to form an opinion on the bank, if you already have experience and want to share, write in comments and let everyone know your thoughts.


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