Reliable loans? Opinions and reviews


Is super money reliable ? Let’s find out with the opinions and reviews of users who used it to find loans and assignment of the fifth. Finding the right rate can often become a business: every company and company offers different prices and services, choosing the best combination is never easy in the inextricable tangle of proposals that you can find on the web. For this reason, today we will analyze an instrument that simplifies the work: super money.


super money is an innovative media partner that focuses on technological innovation to offer you a comparison portal. In practice, this site allows you to compare the prices of the services you need by obtaining quotes online in a few minutes . It also keeps you informed about news and information to save money and keep up with trends.

super money Italia: how does it compare prices?

On the super money website you can compare offers and save up to € 1,000 a year on services such as insurance, loans, internet, gas and much more. Such as? In practice you just select the category of budget you are looking for among those offered (for example gas) and fill out the forms that you see later. The compilation of these forms varies depending on the category for which you are looking for the rate. Once this is done, you just have to visualize the solution that is proposed to you and decide whether to accept it or not.

supermoney italy

You can also search for offers and rates for personal loans, assignment of the fifth, accounts and credit cards. Precisely on this aspect we will focus today to see how to request a quote and what installments are offered to us in the event of liquidity research.

super money loans and assignment of the fifth: how to do?

On super money you can also request an estimate for loans of all kinds, from a mortgage to the sale of the fifth and much more. Just go to the site, choose from the many types of financing offered and calculate the estimate by entering your information in the appropriate forms. I did a test with a request of € 20,000 to renovate a house in Taranto as a civil servant and the lowest rate I was offered is € 304 per month for 7 years with TAN 4.70% and TAEG 7.40%.

Obviously the installments change depending on the applicant and the place of residence, for example a fifth transfer for a home loan to be paid out in 10 years requested by a private worker with monthly income between € 1,500 and € 1,750 in Rome would result in a monthly payment of a good 861.5 € TAN 4.70% and 7.45% APR.

super money: reliable? Customer reviews and reviews

Is super money reliable? First of all it must be said that this project was born in 2008 after winning a public competition call promoted by the Italian Government to encourage technological innovation, so you can be sure that it is a controlled site. I also looked for the opinions of customers who have already used super money to understand if it really works or not, and most of the reviews read are positive. Finding offers is quick and easy, however super money has no power over the proposed rates, as it simply offers you a price comparison service.

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If you are looking for loans or a transfer of the fifth , you could compare prices thanks to super money Italia , a reliable site that allows you to find the right offer for the service you need. The opinions on the web are quite positive, but I would like to know your thoughts: write in the comments to let us know what you think.


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