The business behind blood donation

Donating blood is a praiseworthy and altruistic action; nothing is asked in return. It is giving life .

Since I was a few years old, my mother took me to the mobile donation units for her to donate. I would sit at the end of the bus and they would take good care of me. That good habit made that one of the first things I did when I turned 18 was to donate. I’ve been donating for almost 20 years .

The other day a Red Cross bus came into our work center so workers could donate. This service was privatized by the Community of Madrid two years ago, eliminating public personnel and handing over the buses to the concessionaire, in addition to considerably reducing the working conditions of the personnel who would provide the service.

A person came down from the bus and went around the premises, offices and offices, carrying out commercial work to convince the staff to donate blood, offering them a sachet of food and drink . I refused and told him that if he also reported that the Red Cross charged the Community of Madrid 67 euros for each bag of blood . He called me a liar. He continued his commercial work, even with external workers who worked in a construction site. A partner with good intentions, but oblivious to what is behind, helped him touring part of the center to convince more colleagues. I tried to inform her, but she also denied the evidence.

And why do they go table by table with so much interest for you to donate? Because they are not fulfilling the number of donations of the contract with the Community. Last year they collected 17% less than agreed and this is a business. Donate at the door of your home or work is very comfortable, since you do not waste your leisure time; Some lazy guy will also think that this way he will work for a while. That is true, but the point is that if you go to a public hospital to donate, the people of Madrid do not cost the 67 euros that it costs in a privatized mobile unit . The day will not come when they charge us for putting us blood (I hope), but those 67 euros have to be paid and now they are detracted from other sanitary items.

I give my blood altruistically, not for another to profit financially from it . For those who do not have time, I tell them that the last time I donated I went to a public center and took my daughter who is 2 and a half years old. Teach my daughter (thanks to you mom) that donating is important to help others is priceless, contrary to the business with the blood set by some.