What is the cheapest conso loan?

cheap conso credit

Look no further for cheap consumer loan. Bank !, a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group, is the online bank that will offer you the cheapest consumer loan. With bank !, you not only enjoy a cheap consumer loan, but also banking products and services at great rates and a 100% mobile offer to easily manage everything at your fingertips. Discover the cheap consumer loan bank!

The cheap loan offer:

bank! offers a consumer loan at the exceptional rate of 0.99% APR, no bad surprise. The cheap consumer loan of bank! allows you to borrow from € 5,000 to € 75,000 over 12 or 24 months, with no application fee. With an unbeatable rate of 0.99% APR, bank! offers you A loan commits you and must be refunded.

The cheap conso loans offered by bank!

The cheap cons loan bank! is an online personal loan for someone who needs money to finance a personal project. bank! offers three types of cheap consumer loan:

  • loan conso: finance a trip, a wedding, high-tech equipment, …
  • loan works: finance your housing projects: works, deco, development
  • loan Auto: finance a vehicle: 2 wheels, new car, used or ecological

The conditions of the loan conso cheap

The conditions to subscribe a cheap consumer loan bank! are:

  • To be a physical person, capable minor or minor, not emancipated, residing in France
  • Be bank customer! or open an account

You can perform a consumer loan simulation for free before opening a bank bank account! You will see that Bank! actually offers the cheapest consumer loan.

How to subscribe a loan conso cheap

Just perform three steps to get a cheap cons loan bank!

  • 1 ° Simulate online consumer loan
  • 2 ° Complete the free account opening form with free CB
  • 3 ° Make your request for cheap loan from the bank!

The consumer loan simulation lets you see that Bank! really offers a cheap conso loan before deciding to open a bank! bank account.

By indicating the nature of your project, the amount borrowed and the duration of the repayment you want; The cheap loan simulator bank! allows you to instantly know:

  • The amount of monthly payments
  • The number of monthly payments
  • The nominal annual rate
  • The fixed APR
  • The amount of interest
  • Fees: free
  • The total cost of loan
  • The total amount due

You can then see that Bank! actually offers a cheap conso loan . To subscribe to an online loan bank !, you have to open a free bank account bank! with a free loan card. Once your bank account bank! open, you can subscribe a cheap conso loan in the bank! You will be able to attach copies of receipts loan Bank! online or by post. Once the complete file received, bank! study your request. If your request is accepted, you will receive the money from the cheap loan within 11 days minimum. You have a period of 14 days from the receipt of the loan conso cheap to retract if you wish. Do not hesitate to contact advisors at bank! for all questions. They are very responsive and will answer all your questions about cheap loan bank! by phone, mail, chat, Facebook, Twitter and mail.

Cheap loan: proof to provide

To benefit from the cheap Bank! loan, you must provide the following proofs:

  • Last 3 payslips or contract of employment
  • December wage bulletin or employment contract
  • Copy of the last statement of account where the salary is domiciled
  • Tax package if you work on your account
  • Proof of other income
  • Last income tax notice

If you pay any charges, you will need to attach to your subscription folder cheap loan bank! your proof of charges:

  • Last rent receipt if you are tenants
  • Property tax if you own
  • Last revolving loan statement
  • Amortization table for depreciable loans

Advantages of cheap loan bank!

The cheap cons loan bank! has many advantages. You can borrow from € 760 to € 75,000 over a period of 12 to 60 months with a rate ranging from 0.99% fixed APR excluding insurance to 2.9%. The interest rate varies according to 3 criteria: the object of the loan, the amount borrowed and the duration of the loan conso cheap. bank! will always offer you the most competitive interest rate compared to the competition. The benefits of consumer loan bank! are:

  • Lowest interest rate: from 0.99 to 2.9% fixed APR excluding insurance
  • Fixed rate, no surprises
  • Free file fees
  • Monthly payments adapted to your budget
  • Postpone until 12 months the first refund
  • Ability to suspend 2 monthly installments per sliding year
  • Early repayment of the loan possible
  • Change the amount of your refunds
  • Optional insurance
  • Easy and fast online consumer loan subscription
  • After acceptance of the loan, funds available under 11j minimum
  • Simple and intuitive management of your account and consumer loan with your fingertips on your mobile

For the repayment of cheap loan bank !, monthly payments are taken directly from your current account bank! You can choose the date of the month (date) where you want to repay your monthly payments and even change the date at any time by mail to bank! If you wish to suspend a monthly payment, you will have to respect a period of 2 months between each suspended monthly payment and not to exceed 2 suspensions of monthly payments per sliding year. Depending on the duration of the loan Bank! you will be able to suspend up to 8 monthly installments for a loan of 5 years (60 months). If you are a BNP Paribas customer, you can transfer your loan without charge, which will keep the same characteristics (duration, rate, maturity amount). So with all the benefits of the Bank! Consumer loan, what are you waiting for to open a cheap consumer loan?